About Us

Stormtech is an Australian family business originally started by John Creighton in 1989.

Stormtech has been providing inspiring architectural drainage solutions to architects and designers for the last 30 years. Used in bathrooms, showers, thresholds, paved areas, driveways, pools and pool surrounds, Stormtech grates and drains are known for sleek design, innovation and practicality.

Stormtech linear drainage systems are made of high quality 316 stainless steel and are manufactured in Australia; the systems are either Made-to-length, or modular which means they can be cut on-site to different lengths as required, and come in three different standard widths – 38 mm, 65 mm and 100mm. For site specific requirements, custom fabrication is also available. All Stormtech drains connect directly with all standard plumbing fittings and all have Watermark  & Gold GreenTag International certifications.

Stormtech have been supporting the plumbing and building trades with specialised linear drainage products and assistance.

  • Custom linear drainage solutions to suit any project requirement
  • Assistance from design to installation.
  • Easy order process and delivery
  • We communicate directly with your supplier
  • Free onsite measure and quote
  • We assist with correct ordering

Stormtech Planning Considerations

  • Grate style and finish
  • Grate width required
  • Channel depth and material
  • Drainage length required
  • Outlet size and position
  • Tile thickness


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