Stormtech Grate Grip

Slip Resistant Grate Design

Available in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel for marine or corrosive environments.

Outdoor Spaces

Slippery Environments

Public Safety

Foot and Bicycle Traffic

Work Surfaces

Improved Health and Safety

Slip Resistant Dimple Finish

Stormtech GRATE GRIP Slip Resistant Dimple Finish is available with any custom made Stormtech grate design. This high strength, stainless steel grating option is designed to deliver unmatched safety underfoot.

The unique dimple construction provides effective slip resistance in all directions and is ideally suited for pedestrian and work spaces where water, ice, snow, grease, or oil create slippery, hazardous conditions.


Recommended for use in Shopping Centres, Civil Applications, Hospitals, Hotels, Entrances, Food Preparation Areas and Swimming Pools.

Australian Standards Compliant

Stormtech GRATE GRIP Finish proudly meets all relevant Australian Standards.

  • Load Rating and Bike Safety to AS3996-2019
  • Slip Resistance to AS4586-2013 (P5)
  • Access, Disability and Heel Safety to AS1428.1:2009.
  • P4 slip test rating for standard GRATE GRIP
  • P5 slip test rating available on GRATE GRIP ADVANCED.

Stormtech GRATE GRIP Slip Resistant Finish are available with lock downs for commercial applications where needed. Available in stainless steel, either SS304 or SS316, for marine or corrosive environments or more commonly where ascetic and pedestrian safety is the focus.

Unique dimple construction provides slip resistance in all directions.
Made by Stormtech.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Stormtech GRATE GRIP Slip Resistant grates are made to meet Australian Standards.

Stormtech GRATE GRIP Slip Resistant Finish Safety Ratings


R12 Rating

Oil-Wet Inclining Platform


Level 5 Rating

Wet Pendulum


Level C Rating

Wet/Barefoot Inclining Platform


Level B Rating

Wet/Barefoot Ramp Slip Resistance

GRATE GRIP Finish is proudly Australian Standards Compliant to AS3996-2019, AS4586-2013 (P5) and AS1428.1:2009.

Watermark Certified

The only linear drainage system featuring full Watermark certification across our complete product range.

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