Current trends in bathroom design

Current trends in bathroom design

Recent design trends in bathrooms have seen equal weighting being placed upon functionality and aesthetics, as the recent ISH Frankfurt trade show demonstrated, this focus – aesthetically a blend of art deco and minimalism – has since spread from interior design and over into product design itself, curves are in fashion once more with fixtures and fittings, and contrasting colours of black and white with metal finishes such as copper, brass or bronze as highlights are emerging as a popular trend. Of course, design trends come and go. However, the products and styles that seek to innovate upon existing knowledge have the potential to hold a much longer lasting impact.

Bathrooms may not be where the majority of anyone’s time is spent, but they do adopt a particularly important role within our homes with their baseline purposes of hygiene and waste management. as an indicator of their role, more than half of the average Australian home’s indoor water usage is from the bathroom – 34 per cent from the shower and 26 per cent from toilet usage.

However, the focuses of development within bathroom design go beyond the aspects of hygiene and waste management now more than ever. Sustainable design; promotion of health; comfort and personalisation; digital and technological integration, and a reduction in maintenance are all key concerns in contemporary bathroom design.

In order to answer these concerns and continue making a visual impact architects and specifiers – and consumers – are increasingly turning to product design itself.

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