Technical Information

We provide technical drawings and information to assist you in choosing or installing a drainage product for your particular environment.

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Modular Kits 

Product Code Width x Depth Length(s) Information Sheet Technical Documents
65G90 NA 3000mm -
38G90 NA 3000mm  Info Sheet
38G100 NA 3000mm -
38ARG40 46.1mm x 42mm 1200mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
38PSG40 46.1mm x 42mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
38PHG40 46.1mm x 42mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65G100 65mm x Custom 3000mm  Info Sheet
65ARi40 72mm x 43mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65ARi25 72mm x 28mm 750mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65TRi40 72mm x 43mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65MNDiP25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65MNDi25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PSi25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PHi25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PHi40 72mm x 43mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65Tii40 72mm x 43mm 1000mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65TRTii25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1200mm  Info Sheet
65TRi25 74mm x 28mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PSi40 74mm x 42mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65ARG25 74.2mm x 27.5mm 750mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65ARG40 74.2mm x 42.4mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65TRG25 74.2mm x 27.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65TRG40 74.2mm x 42.4mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65MNDG25 74.2mm x 27mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65MNDGP25 74.2mm x 27.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PSG25 74.2mm x 27mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PSG40 74.2mm x 42.4mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PHG25 74.2mm x 27mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65PHG40 74.2mm x 42.4mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65TiG40 74.2mm x 42.4mm 1000mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
65TRTiG25 74.2mm x 27.5mm 900mm - 1200mm  Info Sheet
100ARi20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100TRi20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100MNDi20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100MNDiP20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100PSi20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100ARG30 106mm x 32mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100ARG20 106mm x 23mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100TRG20 106mm x 23mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100MNDG20 106mm x 23mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100MNDGP20 106mm x 23mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet
100PSG20 106mm x 23mm 900mm - 3000mm  Info Sheet

Fixed-Length Units 

Product Code Width x Depth Length(s) Information Sheet Technical Documents
SD90 25mm x Custom 3000mm  Info Sheet
65ARiCO25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
65TRiCO25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
65MNDiCO25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
65MNDiCOP25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
65PSiCO25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
65PHiCO25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
65TRTiiCO25 72mm x 28mm 900mm - 1200mm  Info Sheet
65TiiCO30 74mm x 33mm 900mm - 1200mm  Info Sheet
SQ100AR 103mm x 21.5mm 103mm  Info Sheet
SQ100TR 103mm x 21.5mm 103mm  Info Sheet
SQ100MND 103mm x 21.5mm 103mm  Info Sheet
SQ100PS 103mm x 21.5mm 103mm  Info Sheet
SQ100PH 103mm x 21.5mm 103mm  Info Sheet
100TRiCO20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
100MNDiCOP20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
100MNDiCO20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
100PSiCO20 105mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
100TiiCO30 107mm x 33mm 900mm - 1200mm  Info Sheet
100TRTiiCO25 107mm x 27mm 900mm - 1200mm  Info Sheet
100ARiCO20 109mm x 23.5mm 900mm - 1500mm  Info Sheet
SQ100Ti 130mm x 30mm 130mm  Info Sheet
SQ100Ti-BLACK 130mm x 30mm Custom  Info Sheet
SQ150CR Floor Waste 150mm x 31mm 150mm  Info Sheet -
SQ200CR Floor Waste 200mm x 31mm 200mm  Info Sheet -


Product Code Width x Depth Length(s) Information Sheet Technical Documents
65ARTDiS NA Custom  Info Sheet
38ARi40MTL 43mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
38PSi40MTL 43mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
38PHi40MTL 43mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65TiTDi 65mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
65ARiMTLF 65mm x 42mm Custom - -
65ARiMTLF 65mm x 42mm Custom - -
65TRiMTLF 65mm x 42mm Custom - -
65PSiMTLF 65mm x 42mm Custom - -
65PHiMTLF 65mm x 42mm Custom - -
65TiMTLF 65mm x 42mm Custom - -
65FTi25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet -
65ARi25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65ARi40MTL 74mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65TRi25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65TRi40MTL 74mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65MNDi25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65MNDiP25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65PSi25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65PSi40MTL 74mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65PHi25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65PHi40MTL 74mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65Tii40-22MTL 74mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65Tii30MTL 74mm x 33mm Custom  Info Sheet
65Tii40MTL 74mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
65TRTii25MTL 74mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
65ARTDi 75mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
65PSTDiS 75mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
65PSTDi 75mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
65TiTDiS 75mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
100ARiMTLF 100mm x 42mm Custom - -
100TRiMTLF 100mm x 42mm Custom - -
100PSiMTLF 100mm x 42mm Custom - -
100TiiMTLF 100mm x 42mm Custom - -
100FTi25MTL 107mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet -
100Tii30MTL 107mm x 33mm Custom  Info Sheet
100Tii40MTL 107mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
100Tii40-22MTL 107mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
100TRTii25MTL 107mm x 27mm Custom  Info Sheet
100ARi20MTL 109mm x 22mm Custom  Info Sheet
100ARi40MTL 109mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
100TRi40MTL 109mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
100TRi20MTL 109mm x 22mm Custom  Info Sheet
100MNDi20MTL 109mm x 22mm Custom  Info Sheet
100MNDiP20MTL 109mm x 22mm Custom  Info Sheet
100PSi20MTL 109mm x 22mm Custom  Info Sheet
100PSi40MTL 109mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
100ARTDiS 110mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
100ARTDi 110mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
100PSTDiS 110mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
100PSTDi 110mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
100TiTDiS 110mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
100TiTDi 110mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet
VC100-45 155mm x 45mm Custom  Info Sheet
VC100-42 170mm x 42mm Custom  Info Sheet
VC100-25 170mm x 25mm Custom  Info Sheet

Custom Made 

Product Code Width x Depth Length(s) Information Sheet Technical Documents
CFLB 316 NA Custom - -
CFLB 304 NA Custom - -
CFLE 304 NA Custom - -
Stormtech Pits NA Custom - -
CFLE 316 NA Custom - -
Custom Grate-Frame NA Custom - -
Grate-MTS NA Custom - -
50ARi 316 NA Custom - -
50ARi 304 NA Custom - -
65ARi 316 NA Custom - -
65ARi 304 NA Custom - -
75ARi 316 NA Custom - -
75ARi 304 NA Custom - -
100Custom-304 110mm x 100mm Custom - -
100Custom-316 110mm x 100mm Custom - -
125Custom-316 133mm x 22mm Custom - -
125Custom-304 133mm x 125mm Custom - -
150Custom-316 158mm x 150mm Custom - -
150Custom-304 158mm x 27mm Custom - -
200Custom-316 208mm x 200mm Custom - -
200Custom-304 208mm x 200mm Custom - -
250Custom-316 258mm x 250mm Custom - -
250Custom-304 258mm x 250mm Custom - -
300Custom-316 308mm x 300mm Custom - -
300Custom-304 308mm x 300mm Custom - -


Product Code Width x Depth Length(s) Information Sheet Technical Documents
LED1000 304 NA Custom - -
SDJ NA Custom - -
SDi 25mm x Custom 3000mm - -
SDH 25mm x Custom 3000mm - -
SDiAR 30mm x Custom Custom  Info Sheet -
38AR40 for 38G90 and 38G100 38mm x 40mm 1200mm - 1500mm - -
38PS40 for 38G90 and 38G100 38mm x 40mm 900mm - 1500mm - -
38PH40 for 38G90 and 38G100 38mm x 40mm 900mm - 1500mm - -
65AR40 for 65G100 and 65G90 65mm x 40mm 900mm - 1500mm - -
65TR40 for 65G100 and 65G90 65mm x 40mm 900mm - 1500mm - -
65PS40 for 65G100 and 65G90 65mm x 40mm 900mm - 1500mm - -
65PH40 for 65G100 and 65G90 65mm x 40mm 900mm - 1500mm - -
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